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Stuffed Tardigrade
  • Stuffed Tardigrade
  • Stuffed Tardigrade
  • Stuffed Tardigrade
  • Stuffed Tardigrade

Stuffed Tardigrade


Cuddle up to the smallest animal on our planet with a handmade stuffed tardigrade. Whether you prefer to call it a water bear or a moss piglet, we call it the cutest little brute on the planet. (You know you want to hug it and kiss it and love it forever and ever.)

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Handmade Cuddles

All of our plushes are made by hand from our own original designs. Stuffed animals, plushies, soft toys, poppets--whatever you call them, you won’t find these cuddly creepers anywhere else.

The Tiniest Animal in the Kingdom

Did you know that tardigrades can survive the vacuum of space? Or that they’re actually closely related to arthropods like lobsters and centipedes? These water bears aren’t as squishy as they look. They're covered in an outer cuticle that they shed to grow, just like an exoskeleton. They have claws to help them cling to surfaces, and they suck nutrients out of plants and microorganisms through their snout, called a bucco pharyngeal apparatus. There are over 1,000 species of tardigrades found all over the world, maybe even in your backyard! They live in water and damp moss, and are typically about 1mm in length.

A Tardigrade of Your Own

This cozy water bear can survive space but prefers to stay snuggled in bed, thanks. Unlike its real-life inspiration, this tardigrade is soft and squishy and about 16 inches in length. Cuddle up to the toughest little cutie in our solar system.

Each tardigrade is handcrafted from polyester fleece and filled with recycled fiber. Its eight chonky legs are topped with claws made from recycled household plastic, so it’s as eco-conscious as it is resilient.

Pick Your Kit

Each plush comes in three different kits to fit your budget. Pick the Finished Plush for a fully assembled poppet ready to hit the convention floor. If you’d rather make it yourself, we have a couple options to get your project rolling. Download a digital pattern or order the DIY Kit with everything you need to make your own plush.

DIY Kit Includes:

  • Precut fabric pieces
  • 8 Recycled Plastic Claws
  • Fiber fill
  • Matching thread
  • Assembly instructions

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