Metal Battle Apocalypse Axe

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A Brutal Weapon for a Less Civilized Time

In the bitter wasteland that is Earth, you must fight with what you can find. Only the brutally resourceful will survive. Prepare for the end of days with the Apocalypse Axe, forged from discarded objects—a bat, used saw blades, some rusty barbed wire—it may be your only hope.

These epic weapons are post-apocalyptic sculptures crafted to inspire the warrior in everyone. Whether you dream about future days killing zombies or battling rival tribes across the desert, this novelty weapon will make a remarkable addition to your collection.

Crafted with What We Can Find

This Apocalypse Axe is made from two 7-inch blades and 1-inch square tubing. The hilt is topped with a curved metal ornament and the top features a welded cap. The total length is approximately 27.5 inches. Made with real [rusty] metal. Handle with care and get a Tetanus shot.

The Battle Axe

A classic design in weaponry, the battle-axe boasts an iconic profile with one large curve on the front and a smaller, less pronounced curve to balance it on the back. It's forged from a single saw blade with two offside curved cuts on either side.

Real Talk

This thing is made with rusted metal. It's sharp. The original parts were not designed for direct impacts. Use good judgement when handling it and don't win any Darwin Awards by doing something stupid.

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27.5 in
10 in
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