We make handcrafted, upcycled experiments in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Making art for a living is the DREAM, but our mission digs a bit deeper. It boils down to three simple tenets.

Do Good.

Always leave a space better than you found it. This applies to rented rooms, the environment, and social spaces. We are committed to reducing waste and injustice wherever our arms can reach. That's why we joined the Precious Plastic community, and that's why we support progressive approaches to tackling problems like climate change, socioeconomic disparities, and the linear economy.


Creativity starts with trying something new. Once we learn to fearlessly explore possibilities, we free the full depth of our artistic abilities. We believe failure is part of both the artistic process and the scientific method, and learning to grow and adapt in the aftermath is what defines success. Try something new, make mistakes -- and learn from them.

Share the Love.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but we're moved most by collaboration. Creative communities nurture and engage in magical and unexpected ways. Grab a friend, share an idea, and see where the madness takes you.


We're trying to put our money where our mouth is. That's why we've switched to a web server that aligns with our mission. Our site is hosted by GreenGeeks, a company that since 2009 has committed to buying wind power credits for triple the amount of energy used by their servers every year.